1 Introduction

Prompt 1


Before time, the Others divided the void, the space prior to anything, among them as a form of… well in human terms, competition. The Others did so as a dalliance, something to change the commonality of their eternity. They created light, dark, mater, anti-matter, particles and Universes.


They filled the void with their thoughts.  Thoughts became substance.  Substance became all else. The Others created Minos as their delegates. Minos are beings, component and result of the Others’ thought and imbedded at the core of the Universe’s reality, singular, parallel, looped or whatever form. Minos are bound to serve the Others in their Reality. Bound but Independent. Independent but constrained by Knowledge and Duty. Immortal but not immune to death. Minos see beyond the veils between universes. They are bound to not affect any but thier own reality. Unreal, ghosts, apparitions, wisps, intangible in all but their universe.  Minos are free, but chained by whatever current form they have. Minos act and react, do or do not, as Independent slaves. Knowledge and Duty.  Cycles, beginning, ending, cycles. Minos cycle through being and not being. Birth to death. New to old. Now to then. Each cycle an undetermined period.Time began with the first thought by the Others. It would end with their whim.

My story, all stories, manifest in those moments.

I am Minos, I am Zera.  I know a few hundred of us. There are more, or less, depending on the moment. We are, we are not. Minos sense all the others, the flicker of the collective a constant ebb and flow. We are constrained though to only be able to interact with those of our own Universe and occasionally, universes touching ours. A shallow splash in an ocean we can feel. It is…lonely.

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