H History


Said it to myself last,

that infamous ‘I love you.’

Never understood why it was so hard

just to believe.

Believed that if it was stated,

it might come true;

like wishes on stars

or dandelion blossoms.

Blossomed from trust to lust,

on to insanity, never once

looked back to see if

the path was mine, doubled back.

Back to back disasters;

failures punctuated by legal fees,

diaper bags and baggage.

Pack quickly, carefully and move.

Moved from knife point

to the middle of the road.

Found a little, gave a lot

decided to be ok with me.

Me, hesitating at last to say,

that infamous “I love you.”

Still don’t understand why

it’s so hard to believe.

This is reworked from a piece written in April, 2006

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