91 Answers

The night air was heavy with chilled fog. The droplets condensed on everything, building in density until gravity dragged them down the glass and vanishing onto the rubber wiper blades.  Each window was down an inch to keep the interior from steaming up and blocking the view.  Bright swirling cascades of light fell into glistening pools around each light pole and punctuated the blackness with engineered regularity.  Across the street, an amber porch light flickered on. A woman, clad in a shimmering grey dress, sparkling silver heels in hand, paused on the welcome mat, then blew a kiss through the open door into the interior darkness. The driver’s window rolled down quietly. The rapid buzz of the high speed shutter didn’t penetrate the damp night. The lens followed her from the door to the car he bought her for their fifth anniversary. It zoomed in as she sat beneath the lush interior light to replace her ring. His tears mimicked the dew drops as the camera documented his answers.

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