Character Builds

I’m creating a repository for character builds. I need a place I can drop the ideas before they become lost or damaged.  I frequently think through a whole character on my hour long commute. By the time I get home, I begin to loose the details. That’s a pity as these little souls are complex, interesting and have their own voice and story that won’t get told if I don’t get to writing. At least If I can get them down in writing, they won’t wisp away to the ether.

It is time for change

I’m a single woman. I work in the high stress world of Financial Services.  My kids are grown, my once lover reduced to roommate, my writing life stagnant and my creativity blanketed by stress and a lack of time.

It is time to make a change.

A renewed Venture

I like to fancy myself a writer. The fact is I haven’t written anything of value for a long while. It’s begin to feel like a creative dam, ideas pressuring the structure until its about to burst. I need to let this out before it overwhelms me. So, after watching my niece diligently produce, I’m here. Determined to write.