There is Rain. Not the gentle pattering of drops upon a parched land… No. This isn’t California, we don’t need to celebrate, or bemoan. No wildfires here this year, no mudslides ever, we don’t have enough “downhill” to get gravity behind the dirt. Then again, this is rain. The kind of quarter sized drops and a 2 inches an hour rate that makes for a soggy mood, a saturated land, flooded streets, and fire stations providing sand bags. That being said, none are panicking. None are looting. None are blaming the government, the townships or anyone other than mother nature.  No blame, no panic, nope. It is the natural cycle. We deal with it. We just get on with the slogging along. It will be hot and dry again soon enough.


Frustration is a powerful sentiment. Its nearest rival is jealousy. Frustration is a cousin to fear and anger. It is insidious, slow to build hard to erase or rectify.  It simmers beneath the surface of the mind and burrows into every goal.  It boils over onto great ideas and kills them. It suffocates the innovative life out of creativity.  Frustration feeds on busy, feeds on lack of confidence, feeds on time wasters such as television or video games. As it feeds it grow and becomes…more. More failure, with more failure it breeds more frustration and the destructive cycle rolls along.