Dear Govt Watchdogs…

It was research for a book! I promise!

I’m trying to research some background for Old Souls and ended up trying to find an Kurmanji Kudish to English translation of a Yazidi lullaby. Its a traditional song from the Sinjar Province. Good grief, that sounds so strange to write out of the context of the work.

I’ve run afoul of different groups and topics while researching background for novels. Even the WIP I have that is set in space led me down some dark rabbit holes to what I think was an underground site. Sheesh. I’m just trying to understand particle theory, not buy cake uranium.  It seems to get easier to end up in the seedier side of the web than ever before. Some of the legit .edu websites seem to slither onto the slimy underbelly of the web.

I have to admit though, its an interesting trip to wonderland…

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