The culling

Every year or so, I cull through my contact lists, friends lists, and favorites lists. I look through all those emails I get from this site or that company. Then, I begin the culling. I’d usually winnow it down by a few hundred.  This year, I’m doing something new. I’m skipping the culling.
During the last year, I made a conscious effort to expand my contacts, FB, LinkedIn, and other social media. I followed more, experienced a larger variety of people, sites, writing, news, science and more.  I diversified the views and news I was receiving.  It’s been an interesting year. I have learned. So, this year, I’m not culling. I have some folks that after a few months, I stop following. Generally because I’m no longer terribly interested in what they put out.  No judgement, just moving on.

This year, I want to continue that trend. I want to continue to diversify my friends, my contacts, my understanding of what makes who tick. What drives or inspires artists to paint, to create quilts, craft hand made books. Where do they find time and energy and passion?  Why do writers chose their topics, build their characters, craft their words and their worlds? How does a craftsman touch a piece of wood or metal and know what it can become?  How and why do people love what or who they do?  What stirs anger, hatred, malice, jealousy? What drives some to acceptance, others to judgement and others to run?

This is a year of challenge and change for me. I’m actively working to more deeply connect with my spiritual self and attend to my soul’s needs. I am starting a Master’s degree, changing my physical body, altering my relationships, expanding my learning and viewpoint, more tightly managing my finances. All in all, I am moving forward.

The journey’s already begun… I’ve skipped the culling.

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