Exercises in Writing

I’m participating with a small writing group sponsored by acclaimed author Michael Dellert. The free writes are set in the world Michael crafted for his epic series and he assigns each member a character. Here is what I’ve contributed thus far…

Manor Life with a Young Lord

Cathal Manor, Bántobar, Duir 1

Eranna wiped her hands on her apron and glanced across the larder at the hulk of a man balanced carefully on a stool that was more tar, sinew and rag twine than its original Alder wood. Dor, eyed her careful and then continued, “Please Eranna, I wouldn’t ask this of you if there was a better way. I know you,” Dor struggled for the right word, “I know Lord Cathal’s,” Dor was nearly mumbling now as he tried to cobble words together, “actions may not seem to you to be fitting or proper…” Eranna interrupted him, “Enough, Dor. You really should stop talking before you commit treason. You may be Captain of the manor, but in my kitchen you are no better than that headless scullery boy. I’ll get the Lord and his guests,” Eranna shook her head at the thought, “put to right and sent along to see the new summer foal. Continue reading