In looking through my site, I discovered very little occurred whilst I was completing my Master’s Degree.  My move to Pinellas County is complete and I no longer spend 2 hours a day on a delirious commute.

Huzzah! I have time to create!

I’ve been painting, allowing that to satiate my creative need but of late, writing has flared. Painting is not my passion but I do enjoy it… here are two from the heart and one from an instruction book… can you guess?  >ha<

There have been many changes since I last posted (other than for coursework) and I am entering a new chapter in my life.  I’ve moved to a small place very near work. I am dating, sort of… trying to date is more accurate. I’ve been going out with friends, taking pottery and dance classes… I’ve been horseback riding, worked cattle, and am soon to participate in Axe throwing … Groupon is marvelous.

I’ve joined a writers group. A 30-odd bunch of professional and budding authors from every genera and walk.  They offer honest, gentle critique and input on works in progress. It will be good to hone my craft.

See you soon!