Where art thou?

I art diligently working on this novel, Irregular Orbit.  I am having a good


time letting these characters tell their tale of space mystery and murder. They are rich and deep with holey formed personas and motivations. They story flows and grows and forms around them, like a gaseous cloud in this vast universe. WOW!  I am 40K into the story… things are getting weird. Space Weird. String Theory weird.

I have met a wonderful and supportive group of writers. Most of them are successfully published and doing tours and things. Most are mystery writers, a few write historical fiction, one is giving the classic detective serial a new face, one writes stories from a dog’s perspective. There are poets and biographers. One woman is writing the story of her marriage and her husband’s descent into Alzheimers. She make me cry every time she shares. There are new writers too, who like me have been at this a while but just surfacing.  I have to say, having a community of like minded writers makes me want to show up and present my best every Saturday.

Having support is key to success in many endeavors and writing needs bolstering more than some hobbies.  Breathing life to a work is exhausting and exhilarating and terrifying. It takes a village to keep you sane and producing. It takes a calm set of mentors to encourage cruel edits without undermining courage.

It takes coffee. Lots of coffee.

I will visit again soon. It will be fun to see the two chapters here compared to the same two chapters now…

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