Another Set of Words

Welcome to another set of words. I’m not a struggling indie author or starving artist poet. I write because I enjoy crafting words into something interesting. I like to exercise my imagination. I work in the world of financial services, a worker bee in the corporate conglomerate, a cog in the wheel that crosses the ‘t’ and dots the ‘i’ on all the mundane BS behind the scenes.

I’m a single woman. My love life isn’t. My kids are grown and I have two adorable grandsons. I enjoy the outdoors, kayaking, camping and cooking over open flames. I also like theater, opera, musicals, plays and concerts. I love to wander museums and stare through windows at stuff I’d not buy even if I had the means. I support artists of all types.  I’m a dog, cat, horse, furry creature kind of person. I murder houseplants and tell my neighbors that my yard is “xeriscaped” as a way to avoid questions about spotty grass and happy weeds. Housework is an unpleasant necessity. I’d rather not eat than have to do dishes.

Through it all, I read, write and play with words. 04 2014need to sort 010


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