Old Souls – Chapter 2

Old Souls – Chapter 2 – Soul Task

We Senders had no idea, when things began, just how many souls would pass through our hands. Souls seemed to be an endless and unique supply. It wasn’t until we had sent a few hundred thousand to the worlds that we realized that the souls returned once the entity hosting it ceased functioning.  It wasn’t like there was a handbook or process map for what was being done. It simply started, we did our work, and learned as we went along. We discovered that souls returned after use, we noted it and cycled them back into use. That seemed fine. New souls, old souls, it didn’t seem to matter. We just sent whatever random soul was available next. It was quite by accident that a soul was sent to life immediately after returning.  How could we have known that the usual delay caused the decay of the prior life memories? We didn’t know that sending a soul immediately back into service would result in a new life that could remember its previous existence. Once it became apparent, during our observations, that these souls had memory of the prior life, we didn’t think it had any risks to the soul task. We did watch over a few of these rapid returns closely. Most didn’t seem to have a conscious memory of their prior life. They repeated behaviors that were unusually familiar, they gravitated to areas the prior life had visited. Nothing seemed actively pursued. Then, one or two souls began to communicate to others about the prior life. Like many thoughts and ideals, some of the entities believed as well. The souls who remembered professed. The idea became religion, full of rules and constraints on how to return, to reincarnate. Some professed who had no prior life, simply lied and tried to benefit from the lie. It all seemed harmless, so we noted it and went back to the task of souls.  Every life required a soul. Birth, life, death, return, and then, occasionally, repeat. Old or new, we didn’t opine, we simply continued the task.

It was after the first genocide, one rock throwing tribe wiping out another, when two souls from the same timeline were returned together. Their memories were not vague, dreamlike wisps from their prior lives. These souls KNEW. They fully remembered their prior life, traveled to their prior homes, gathered others and destroyed their conquerors.  We found it interesting, not worrisome. After all, it was just a couple souls. We didn’t realize that when those lives ended, the repeat souls remained aware during the transfiguration. They possessed free will. They crossed the veil. The companioned souls stayed aware and once again traveled into a life in the same timeline.  The process of the souls continued and in every few hundred million, one would cycle into back to back lives. From those repeat souls, one or two would become aware and begin to purposefully cycle. These souls gravitated to one another, blueish hues, in the Void. They would strive to cycle into the same timelines together.  This tiny pack of old souls continued and soon their lives began to gather wealth and power, they would pass their holdings to another of this recurring group. We noted this and continued our task. They thrived during life from the advantage of their growing knowledge and their growing resources.  They would occasionally fully convince a soul of the truth and that soul would then be able to remain aware and begin the repeating cycle. This enlightenment, this cult of truth, remained small but grew steadily in power. These beings understood the soul cycle. They had become, for all intents and purposes, immortal.   Again, we took note, not action, we didn’t not move to change anything, that was not our role.

Through it all, we did watch, interested in what was different. It didn’t concern us though, our task continued.  It would continue until it stopped. When it stopped, all would cease. Until then, we kept sending souls into entities and watched with curiosity as the immortals cycled.

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